professional ear Piercing

3 Reasons to get your ears pierced at B*dazzle: –

1.  It is safe

2.  It is sterile

3.  It is painless

For over 30 years, B*dazzle has dazzled and satisfied over a million clients with the highest standards and professionalism.

We offer ear-piercing services to all age group, from infants to senior adults.

B*dazzle ear-piercing earrings are sealed, sterilized and directly imported from USA. All of our earrings are nickel-free and are available in solid gold, titanium and surgical steel.

We are using disposable cartridge ear piercing system and a specially formulated Ear Care Solution. These ensures the prevention of communicable diseases and infection. Our specially formulated Ear Care Solution hastens the healing of newly pierced ears.

We provide an exclusive six-week free after care service to our customers.

Piercing service is provided with every purchase of earpiercing earrings.
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Efficiently and Painlessly!

“Thank you bdazzle team for such a job well done! The piercing procedure was done efficiently and painlessly, and Siti was quick to assuage my initial worries about the pain. Throughout the process, I felt completely at ease with no fear or regrets. I'm very satisfied with the undoubtedly top-notch service and would definitely highly recommend bdazzle to my fellow friends and family! ”

Bianca Lai,
19 undergrad